Emptying Santa's Sack

868 5.0

Brook Logan

British / United Kingdom
868 5.0
12:40 min - Dec 25 - .WMV - 518.56 MB - 854x480

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jonny11 Jan 4
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Wow, the perfect Christmas gift. Stunning, loved this video. More like this babe !

brody75 deleted Jan 2
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What a great video! Brook is amazing and so sexy!!

I finally catch Santa at my house, but little does he know, he is in for one big treat!! I watch him putting presents by the tree, he then eats his mince pie and drinks his milk, so i then decide to walk in on him... I tell him we are going to have lots of fun together and for him to hold my video camera , so i can watch it back and remember everything ;) I then get on my knees and pull down his trousers and suck on his big hard cock! Mmmm its so big and juicy!! After making him so hard, he then gets behind me and fucks me on the couch, making me scream and moan so loud! He then sits back and lets me ride his hard cock, with my sexy ass cheeks shaking and me moaning loud whilst taking his cock deep in my pussy! After all that hard fucking, Santa finishes off by CUMMING in my mouth and over my face, so i lick and suck on his hard cock until he is nice and clean. I really loved emptying his sack