Christmas Cold



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It's Christmas morning, and as girlfriend and boyfriend (or husband and wife, it is left open) we have a little tradition that I wake you up wearing a sexy outfit and give you an epic blowjob. But this morning I woke up with a cold. We're both disappointed, and I sniffle and cough as I wear my green velvet minidress, explaining the situation to you in front of the tree. I suddenly start sneezing powerfully, several times in a row. Little do I know you have a major sneezing fetish, and you just get harder in your pajamas. I notice and just feel worse, like I can't please you. I can't find a tissue, so I ask you for a paper towel, but you kind of prefer watching me sneeze openly, the way my face looks, the loss of control. I stand up and show off my sexy velvet minidress and corset that I chose for us. I sit back down and say you may as well jerk off since you look so excited, then we can go back to bed and cuddle maybe? I have to try not to get you sick. I start sneezing more and more, blowing my nose juicily. You stroke your cock and I wish I could please you. You suggest cumming on my face to finish. Why not baby? Anything for you this Christmas. I get on the floor and you spray a nice load all over my nose and lips, and then I sneeze twice more