Mom Makes a Sex Tape - Mom Comes First

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2,043 5.0
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Peepulation - Top reviewer Dec 29
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At the beginning it´s so cute. You look kinda shy, not like you do this almost every day for five years :) At all it´s a fucking hot video. Really enjoyed it!

My husband is out with some friends, he thinks I'm at a yoga class... So I don't know why I'm even doing this, I guess I just needed to confess to someone... I'm about to do something I've never done before, I feel nervous and excited at the same time... My son just left for college... And his best friend, has turned into quite the attractive young man... Our flirtations have finally reached a point where we both know what we want. His name is Alex, and he's on his way over... ***Starring Goddess Brianna
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