One Leg Pantyhose - Arielle Lane MP4

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Arielle Lane is your fantastic secretary who wears pantyhose and ankle strap pumps that show off her legs. Arching her feet in her stilettos, she rubs them trying to figure out what is rubbing her foot. In a Vargas Girl pose, she removes the high heel and discovers a run in her nylon feet. Wiggling her toes she thinks of the fun she can have since the office is empty. Pulling a dildo out of her purse, she rips the gusset of her hose while keeping only one shoe on! Spreading her lips, she starts to enjoy the dildo when she hears someone in the office. Frantically she hides her barefoot under her skirt so nobody notices that she's not wearing a shoe. Realizing it's you, she's excited to hear that you closed a deal and will use the promotion money to buy new pantyhose. Teasing you with her sole, she encourages you to take out your cock and demonstrates what she wants to do with you on the dildo. The shaft goes beneath the stockings and rubs her sole. Spreading her legs she rips the rest of her stockings on her right leg and leaves the left one in tact and the high heel on. Putting the now stocking on the dildo, she gives it a handjob while talking dirty. Sucking the head, she looks up at you while deep throating it. Her lips tease the stockings at the base and her legs rub up and down as she savors the feeling of skin against nylon. Begging for your cum in her mouth, she wants to be your most loyal secretary and sits on her barefoot while her high heeled shoe rests on the floor. Time to get back to work! OTHER KEYWORDS-clothes destruction, dildo blowjob, jerk off encouragement, masturbation instruction, jerk off instruction, secretary fetish, Ariel Lane, pantyhose ripping, pantyhose tearing, pantyhose destruction, nylon ripping, nylon tearing, nylon destruction, brunettes, dark hair, @ScottTorvea