Please Don't Make Me Puke

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3,156 5.0
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shshsh6 May 21
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This one's tagged just right. Facefucking, throatfucking, and SPIT is just what you're getting with this one. Pair that with Alice's dirty talking and you got a very enjoyable audio :)

prassets - Top reviewer Mar 8
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I fucking love the sound it makes when you fuck your throat really fast, I could get off to that forever<3

heatseeker00 - Top reviewer Feb 20 2018
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Another great spotty video from Alice. This time she tests her deepthroating limit. She proceeds to beg not to make her puke. Alice never fails to disappoint!

Nicky3492 Jan 10 2018
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AliceMidgard, You have 2 very great mindsets in this Spit/Puke-Tastic video :D

One being your "Pleading" to not "Puke" The other being the "Desire" to forcefully "Throatfuck" till you get that delicious spit all over your pretty face ;)

Highly recommended for those who love Spit, Throat Fucking and more :D

Please make more like this :D

BoxcarPete Jan 1 2018
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Usually merely the mentioning of puke will turn me off, but Alice even managed to make that hot! Awesome video, wonderful dirty talk and acting, Alice is incredibly hot, great action... Just perfect! All of the stars for this one.

Bobbyoppo - Top reviewer Dec 26 2017
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Another messy deepthroat video. Very spitty and messy. Alice"s beautiful face gets covered in spit.. Boy can she take that dildo in deep. I would love to substitue my cock with that dildo. I love this woman!

This video is very much like my video "Spit All Over My face", only this video comes with submissive dirty talk! I beg you not to make me puke as I fuck my throat with this long double ended dildo. Spit gets all over my face while I throat fuck myself