Gingerbread House Smashing

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516 4.0
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MisterKink Dec 28 2017
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Several great angles in this, especially ones of her ass/asshole. Whip cream definitely added a great shimmer to her skin. As far as food kink goes, I think something softer (like a cake, maybe?) would have been better, but it was still enjoyable. Would have been nice to have a closer view for some parts, or perhaps different camera angles. All in all, great shot, any feedback is small.

What a wonderful holiday time, to build a gingerbread house together. I show you my Christmas cheer, and later on become a messy little slut for you. Pouring and rubbing whip cream all over my body. Licking icing, and smashing the gingerbread house with my ass. Fucking my dildo on the floor, grinding and making myself cum