Makala and Carly Get a Surprise

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3,188 3.0
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HornedUpWatcher Sep 25 2015
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Great enthusiasm and sexy outfit for Makala. She handles cock well and enjoys it all the time, even when it's a little rough. I'm not sure what they were going for with Carly. The "Dom" aspect from the description doesn't really come through, and she ends up sharing the money shot at the end anyway. With just Makala, it would be 4-5 star. With Makala and Carly as a fem on fem dom vid, would be 1-2 star. Hence, the average rating.

Makala needed a cock to suck and Carly needed a bitch to handcuff and dominate; what to do? Bring in John, a fat cock that Carly used as a punishing tool for Makala to suck, lick, and gag on, until John decided to turn the tables and punish both of them with his big load!