The Breast Oiling Compilation No 3


Maja Magic

German / Bigtittywonderland
23:02 min - Dec 27 - .MP4 - 1.10 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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This is the third Breast Oiling Compilation of the best scenes of SIX amazing clips with Maja, Emilia, Beatrice, Alice, Sharon and Karola (No 438, 871, 863, 814, 892, 1020) Busty babes need a good oily breast massage from time to time. The bigger and heavier the boobs are, the more care and attention they need. Maja familiarly treats her guests with a lot of oil and intense sensitive caressing and squeezing while the ladies tend to relax and enjoy. When you watch those huge pairs getting shiny and slippery under Maja's experienced hands, do you imagine to take her place? The first scene: Emilia is on all fours, making her huge naturals dangle down nicely. Maja is on her side, treating Emilia’s hangers with a good oily massage and making those heavy shiny bells ring. You can never be wrong with a lot of oil on a lot of titflesh. The second scene: Maja’s hubby has a great time spreading oil on four huge natural tits simultaneously while Maja and Beatrice don’t mind a pleasant boob massage. The ladies’ breasts reach down to their laps, heavy as hell, softer than heaven, a real boobman’s dream. Could you handle them? The third scene: Maja's hubby is massaging the ladies and they are also rubbing their oily titties against each other. You don’t see this much slippery breast flesh in one place so often. The fourth scene: Maja Magic pours sunflower oil over her soft and jiggly macromastic 44 M tits to make her skin sparkle and shine and to prepare for another epic mega slippery titwank. Hubby waits excitedly for his wife to wrap her warm heavy breasts around his dick and to make him shoot his load in her glistening greased cleavage. The fifth scene: Karola in a blue shirt with epic cleavage makes her giant naturals swing gently and slip out of the shirt when she bends forward. They just keep on ringing, garden temple bells, while they are treated by some healthy sunshine, liberating fresh air and a lot of slippery shiny scented oil, spread by Maja. Sweet macromastia. The sixth scene: Maja takes a seat behind Alice to provide her with an intense oily breast massage. Both babes are topless, and get more relaxed as they move together closely, Maja’s soft naturals against Alice’s bare back and her sensitive hands, spreading oil all over Alice’s heavy soft tits. Would you like to slip in between? A long player for a nice price