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This is part 2 of my video "Silhouette Tease- JOI CBT" however, you can enjoy either or as a stand alone video. This is a custom video, the script reads as followed: You've been 'helping' train the viewer to last longer for some time now, and you've come to really enjoy the teasing and exhibition as well. The viewer has been getting 'better' so you feel you can walk around in underwear more than before. Same rules still apply, no touching, and you can only be naked behind the screen. 1) Your boytoy is out of town on business, and you want to show off some nice lingerie you've bought to surprise him when he returns. Should definitely involve a thong, along with something else. 2) You decide that the next way you're going to help train the viewer is to have him masturbate while you're giving a blowjob - behind the screen of course! Ideally, the dildo you're blowing makes a good shadow on the screen.NOTE: Slurping/gagging noises highly appreciated, as well as groping yourself (breasts, ass) 3) As mentioned before, you really enjoy exhibition and your boytoy has been away---you're way more horny than you realized, and you eventually decide that you're going to fuck the dildo. Lots of movement on your part, banging against the dildo, moaning, until you eventually cum. Other notes: You choose the JOI directions. You must let the viewer cum, but how (happy or ruined), and when, is up to you. Perhaps you'll tell him he has to synchronize his cum with yours, or wait until after you're done? or maybe allow him free reign to masturbate as he wants, but if he's going to cum before you, he has to ruin himself? Once you're behind the screen, be stripping out of clothes until you're naked by the time you're starting (3). If possible, drape the clothes over the top of the screen, as a visual reminder of how naked you are. The main thing with the dildo is that we *really* want to make it look like you're very horny while blowing and fucking it, but we can only see the silhouette, very voyeur style
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