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Paige Erin Turner can’t believe she’s going to prison for white collar crimes. The guard brings her clothes for court including her reinforced toe knee highs. She asks if she can go in without handcuffs, but he says she has to wear shackles. There goes the option of her sexy high heels, so she asks to wear just her nylons and barefeet. She strips out of the orange uniform to put on her business attire, then sits so the guard can shackle her ankles. She politely asks if she can walk in the ankle shackles before going to court to get accustomed to stilted walking. It’s humiliating to be led into court as the guard holds her arms but it’s worse when the judge reads her verdict. Hanging her head in shame, the guard handcuffs her wrists as she addresses the court. They slowly walk toward the back room of the courtroom where he briefly uncuffs her, so he can put on a waist chain that keeps her hands in front. In a case of Stockholm syndrome, she acknowledges that the guard is doing his job and that she won’t fight him. He does a quick body search and puts on her keds sneakers. In the long walk of shame toward her cell and the shackles clank against her ankles as they go through the long halls of the government buildings. OTHER KEYWORDS- handcuffs, shackles, uniforms, stockings, foot fetish, humiliation, armholding, arm holding, Nylon feet, stocking feet, sneakers, keds sneakers, submissive woman, male domination, dehumanization, brunettes, tall woman, all natural, Paige Turner, Scott Torvea, @ScottTorvea