Ginger with Cream

4,861 5.0

Lianna Lawson

American / Colorado
4,861 5.0
26:13 min - Dec 28 - .MP4 - 1.89 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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TWAY2268 - Top reviewer Aug 9
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Your favorite starlet next door has a fuckfest that you need to see. Lianna starts off with some sloppy cocksucking, her dedication to covering Rob's dick with spit immediately making the scene red hot. Then it's Rob's turn to give her attention, tonguing her hole as she smothers him with her cute ass. When it comes to the main event, there's no doubt you get your money's worth. Rob pounds Lianna's ass on her back, on her side, and doggy style, pausing for Lianna to spread her cheeks and show how much she's been stretched. There's also a round of Lianna bouncing on Rob's cock, with the always sexy shot of her girldick flopping all over the place. Lianna is, of course absolutely beautiful, and the scene really calls attention to how stunning her face is. With her eye contact with the camera during blowjobs, her shifting expressions during the hardcore, and the radiant smiles she flashes throughout, Lianna is a performer of the highest caliber.

Some like ginger, others like cream-- well this is them mixed together. Check out this hotel bareback hardcore fucking extravaganza with Rob Yaeger. Watch as the third party to our sex crazy fueled night which leaves me a sloppy cream filled mess. Fucking in a variety of positions, there's something in this 26min hardcore video bound to get /you/ off. Enjoy