Little Sister JOI and Anal Instruction

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Princess Bambie

American / Avalon
4,492 5.0
17:51 min - Dec 29 - .MP4 - 1.91 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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PrincessBarbie created a beautiful video that draws you in. From start to finish, the whole video is role playing at its finest. A must watch again.

In this video I role-play your cute little sister, just coming home from a shopping spree using Daddy's credit card. Mommy and Daddy aren't home, so I invite you to help me pick out the cutest outfits so I can impress all the cute boys during summer. Casually getting dressed, I can't help but notice the raging boner growing in your pants. I've never seen a cock in real life before and I was planning on giving my latest boyfriend my virginity soon, so I suggest that you take it out and let me see it, that way I won't be surprised my first time. After trying on my least favorite of the new bikinis I bought, I toss it at you and insist it'll look way cuter on you. Plus, with your junk all packed up in the bikini bottoms you won't have to worry about making a mess all over my bed. Telling you what to do is starting to really turn me on, so I take it a step further and suggest that you start playing with your ass for me. I offer you the lube in the dresser next to all my sex toys (making you promise not to tell Daddy what I've been using his credit card for) and continue to try on my new dance clothes. I can see you throbbing as you watch me wiggle into my tights and leotard and finally when I get to the new lingerie I picked out (for when my boyfriend takes my virginity) I can't take it anymore. I ask if you want to cum together and start playing with my pussy. You've gotten me super excited and it doesn't take me very long before I'm ready to cum, but I make sure you use your ass with two fingers for me before I finally let you cum. Lots of naughty dirty talking, teasing, and a little bit of adorable domination