Mommy Twerk 1 Cheek ata Time Cum Quickie

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Your PAWG MILF of a mommy comes into your room. She wants you to give her something and since she knows you love her ass so much, she will get what she wants with that. She doesn't have much time so she quickly takes her robe off and is stark naked. She then gets on your futon and starts to twerk her big ass, one ass cheek at a time. As she does this she gives you lots of masturbation encouragement. She wants you to be good and jerk off for mommy until you are ready to cum all over her ass. See, what she wants from you is your thick jizz. Mommy continues to bounce that booty one cheek at a time and it is so mesmerizing that her plan to get you to cum quick is going to work. Soon you are ready to cum all over your mommy's PAWG ass. She continues to bounce her booty as you cum for her. She talks about how good it feels and then rubs it all in. She thanks you for the taboo cum quickie fun tells you she knew you could do it. Satisfied, she walks off, but will likely be back again very soon for more taboo fun. Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Twerk, Booty Bouncing, PAWG, Booty Shaking, Masturbation Encouragement, Ass Fetish, Bounce Ass, Ass Bouncing, Blonde PAWG, Blonde MILF, Blonde Mommy, Blondes