Late night orgasms

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258 5.0
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mecho11 - Top reviewer Jan 13 2018
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Marvelous Miss Taylor looks terrific spread out on her back gasping and quivering as she reaches her body shaking ORGASM! She cums so nicely...I think she really.likes cumming! More please.

Miss Taylor BBW Jan 13 2018

Haha I think youre right -p- Glad you enjoyed! <3

Lovetheplump - Top reviewer Jan 11 2018
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Miss Taylor is the queen of orgasms. Her loud moans and expressive facial expressions makes it impossible not to cum along for the ride.

I use my wand 3 ways. It starts out in more of a beautiful agony style. I start massaging my titties, pulling and pinching my hard nipples. I then grab my wand turn it on high and start teasing my clit through my panties. I try to edge for as long as I can but it doesnt last. I then stand up bend over, spanking my booty a few times and spreading my cheeks before I slide the wand back between my fat pussy lips. Again another booty shaking intense orgasm. I then crawl into bed, lay on my back, spread my legs and move my cum soaked panties to the side. I moan loadly as I have another explosive orgasm that basically leaves me in a cum coma. Tags: lingerie, big ass, panties, wet panties, nipple pinching, spit, nipple play, teasing, spanks, edging
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