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Dirty Roommate Bella Rossi Luna Lain MP4

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This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot com Bella Rossi is disgusted by the messy kitchen and yells at Luna Lain for being lazy. It makes her cry as she tries to defend herself but there is no excuse for her slovenly ways. It gets personal when Bella accuses her room of smelling and seques into asking about her personal health. Luna has awful breath and if she can't take care of her living space, she probably doesn't take care of hygiene. Hunched over, Luna admits that she doesn't brush her teeth often. It explains why she's single. During the harassment, Luna nervously rubs her belly button over her belly baring shirt. Luna is a real winner being unemployed, no romance, and a disgusting home. OTHER KEYWORDS- female domination, smell fetish, halitosis, bad breath, Bella Rossy, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, redheads, red hair, all natural, @LunaLainXX