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Kobe Lee tells you about her crush on Christina after she hugged Kobe last week. She smelled so good and it felt good to hug a curvier girl with a big ass and tits. They are the perfect boobs and Kobe rubs her own tits when talking about them. Shyly, Kobe admits to masturbating in a bathroom stall over this girl! She pulls out Christina's white bra that she stole from her house because she needed something of hers. She loves this sexy and elegant bra in a 36C. When Kobe got home, she laid the bra on the bed and masturbated thinking of her crush encouraging her to have an orgasm. Focus on this bra and jerk off thinking about Christina in this bra. Fantasize about her jumping up and down with her huge tits bouncing. Now think about her stripping the lingerie and asking you to play and suck on her tatas. Get on top of her and stick it between her boobies. Keep stroking about fantasizing about spraying her huge tits while being between them. Wow, that was an intense orgasm you had! Kobe loved getting you off, but wants to cum with the bra again! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WAS A CUSTOM BASED ON DIRTY TALKING AND DOES NOT HAVE MASTURBATION IN IT. OTHER KEYWORDS-jerk off instruction, masturbation encouragement, jerk off encouragement, dirty talk, cocktease, confessions, bra fetish, bra worship, tit fetish