My 1st Time Being Tied Down (B/G

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1,088 5.0
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Holy shit double vag, could you please make fisting video?

twitchy12345 - Top reviewer Dec 30
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WOW, WOW, and Even More WOW, Awesome, Superb, and rich with flavor LOL

irish__8 - Top reviewer Dec 30
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Kaysie looks hot as hell all tied up!! From the open to the end Kaysie is tied up, played and toyed with until she just can't take it any more!! A spectacular video!!

What can i say....... this was a hell of an experience! My first time ever being tied down and there is absolutely nothing i can do to stop it. I get teased, fingered, made to wear nipple clamps, along with the hitachi held on my clit and to end it off.......... double dicks inside of me stretching me out making me cum everywhere! This is a MUST see! HD