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Mia Cherry

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kuundawg Jan 21
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I'm not sure why its taken me so long to review this but a little background to this one might be in order. I was actually IN Cherrygurl's CB room about an hour before this went down (it was a ticket show). I only had found her the night before and was instantly drawn to her. She was so friendly and cute, her personality really shown through. I tipped her that first night (I'm pretty sure it was two dice rolls) and it end up on a dildo BJ and ASMR. I remember her looking straight into the camera with those sweet, smiling eyes and with an almost pleading look, sucking on that dildo and saying something like, "do you like it kuundawg?" I was taken aback. I didn't chat much that first night but it was obvious the atmosphere in her room was much different then any CB room I'd been in up to that point. The rapport and naturally flowing conversation she had with her regulars and non-regulars alike was so genuine, it just drew me in. I knew I was going to be a regular visitor right away.

The next night I stopped in and said hello in chat. Right away she greeted me back and welcomed me to her room. I listened in on the conversation going on and it became obvious that she was going to be attempting her first anal penetration with a dildo and that it was going to be a ticket show. I put up the tokens right away (can't remember the exact amount but it wasn't very much, something like 60 something tokens). I'm pretty sure she was edging before I had come in or maybe it was the excitement over attempting this FIRST for her which got her as creamy as she was, but just before the show started, some of her creaminess dripped out on to her bedspread which surprised even her (you can see the evidence of how creamy she was in this video). She was nervous but excited and I dare say, determined. She wasn't sure how much of the glass dildo she was going to be able to take but she was going to do her best, for herself and her viewers. She asked for suggestions on how best to proceed and advice was given from all quarters as you may well imagine. The whole proceeding was so different from anything I'd seen. The air was light hearted, fun, but very erotic.

In the video, she begins slowly, using a good amount of lube (as was suggested). It takes her awhile but she is finally able to get that first bulbous tip in. Her reaction to that moment is priceless. It is at once, cute, comical, sexy as hell, and extremely erotic. That first hurdle accomplished, she is determined to to see just how much more of it she can accommodate. As her virgin butthole begins to adjust and she begins to get accustomed to this new sensation, she begins to enjoy it more and more. She's conversing with the viewers and makes observations like, "I don't think my butthole has ever gaped that big," and "you can see the toy turn pink"; commenting on how the color of her anus shows through the glass dildo up against her tight sphincter. Again, cute, comical, and extremely erotic. She pulls the toy all the way out on many occasions and winks her ever gaping asshole at you, showing you the effect of her progression. As she gets more and more of the toy inside her, she begins to rub her excited little kitty at the same time. Once she progresses and is able to get the second knob of the dildo inside her, her reaction is priceless. She is genuinely surprised and proud at her accomplishment and you're swept right along with her in her glee. Flushed with excitement at her newly found ability, someone suggests using her hitachi on her pussy at the same time to help her along and she does. She even experiments by putting the hitachi directly against the glass dildo, vibrating it inside her clentching butthole, which invokes another classic CherryGurl reaction. In the end, the sensation in her ass and vibrations on her clit over take her and she succumbs to a climatic orgasm. She repositions the camera, giving you an extreme close-up of the after effects of her first anal penetration with a dildo and ensuing orgasm which is not to be missed.

Everyone at that show that night ended up getting this video for free. I almost wish that this video had more of the conversation taking place that night but then it would have been over an hour long. As it is, this video is over 19 minutes long and is wall to wall hot anal content. I know this video is slight more pricey then most of her other videos but given the length and quality of content, it is more then worth it. An absolute MUST have. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

Wow. That was amazing. Thank you :clap

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OMG I loved seeing Mia loose her anal virginity...SO HOT. MUST HAVE VIDEO. My favorite one.

An edited version of the first time I ever put a toy in my ass live on cam. I get it half way in and then cum with my hitachi while I fuck my ass
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