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Victoria Brassy

American / ASS ASS ASS
21:06 min - Jan 03 - .MP4 - 1.8 GB


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HD WIDESCREEN CUSTOM VIDEO: Custom Request: "Alright then how about you catch your brother spying on you, looking up your skirt. (If you have a short skirt and thong to wear) You could be laying on your bed or something and you turn around and catch him. You stand up pissed and tell him to come into your room where you close and lock the door behind him. You've had it with him spying on you. "I'm sick of you spying on me all the time! Sit on the bed! You want to see my pussy so bad here!" You turn around lifting up your skirt and pulling your panties to the side. "Look at it. I bet you'd love to fuck me wouldn't you. You're hard I can tell. Pull it out. Take your dick out and let me stroke it. Let your sister stroke it for you. You like when your sister strokes your dick. How about I gag on it. Then start gagging on it, deepthroating if you can. "I bet you'd love to use me everyday wouldn't you. Then turn around, reverse cowgirl, and pull your panties to the side while leaving your skirt on and pulling it up and saying "what am I doing? I'm about to sit on my brothers dick and let him fuck my pussy. I know you want it, don't act like you don't." Start out slow riding the dildo taking it all the way in and all the way out. "Look how your dick goes all the way in my brother." Then speed up and start riding it hard. "Fuck your sister harder! Fuck me till you cum deep inside of me." Sorry it was so long. lol. Few other things, if you have a cumming dildo that would be great if not, no big deal. Also, can you use my name? If so, you can interchange some of the brothers with "Andy." Anything else just let me know!" I've included LOTS of dirty talk with a bratty attitude, multiple angles both cowgirl riding, doggy style, and on my back. In addition lots of close up creampie shots and teasing with some of my best gagging done yet. File has been compressed to fit 2GB. Feel free to contact me if you would like a copy of the original file. Thanks