Daddy change Me

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Kiki Cali

American / Sugarcube Corner, CO
427 5.0
4:52 min - Dec 30 - .MOV - 237.40 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Great video, so cute she needs her daddy so bad

I just am waking up from a babygirls all night sleepy time, and I have to go peepee in my diaper really, really bad. I wish Daddy was here while I warm my bright white, four tabbed North Shore diaper. He still hasn’t come in my room…. I toss and turn all over my unicorn comforter as I let a long peepee into my diaper. Now, I really wish Daddy was her to change me. I call him aloud, over and over, as I pout and suck on my purple gemstones paci. “Daddy I’m wet, come and change my diaper.” Oh no, my crinkly diaper is starting to get cold. I hope my Daddy comes soon! “Daddy hurry