Your Usefulness



American / Fetish Land
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She finds you crying... you're lonely. Life isn't all that great and you wish for it to be different. She listens to you as you confess... you would give up your own freedom if it meant being USEFUL to someone else. This woman before you tells you that she has an offer. You can be owned by her - you would be her toy. And you would be what you wish to be - USEFUL. You accept, and you receive a kiss. This makes you feel strange... small... no, not a feeling of smallness... you ARE getting smaller! You become an ant on the floor. She tells you that she likes her toys SMALL. You try to run, but it isn't happening. She snatches you up and puts you on a table, propping her feet up in front of you. If you want to be useful, you can do so by worshiping the feet of the GOD before you. That's right, she is a God - it only makes sense, looking at her. Worship should come naturally. She demands you stand between her toes and bow down... worship... and clean her dirty, smelly feet. A light bulb goes off mid-worship and she says there's a game on her mind - squash the bug. You play the bug and she plays the Giant - the end of the game is when she catches you under her foot! FE! FI! FO! FUM! Things get pretty crazy as you hide from her giant feet. All of your running and her barely missing you only frustrates her good nature, and you make it harder on yourself... How will it end? Just be sure to remember that SLAVES never talk back to their GOD. There will be Consequences