Ruining Her Perfect Life



American / Fetish Land
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Kitty's boyfriend is the best - he takes really good care of her, buys her all sorts of lovely things, and genuinely trusts her out and about to have fun on her own. This makes Ivy extremely jealous! She can't handle it one bit - it makes her want to totally gag just thinking about how much he loves her and how lucky she truly is in all of this. Ivy wants to really mess up the lovely relationship that Kitty has with her boyfriend. After Kitty crashes from a very crazy night out, Ivy shakes her head and groans about how sexy her "friend" is on the bed. The jealousy is building up so much, and she can't take it anymore! She cuts off the sexy dress, steals the engagement necklace from her boyfriend, and makes it look like she's had a very slutty night out. Pictures of her looking disheveled will really seal the deal when she sends them off to the boyfriend! Ha! This is bound to end the relationship. This clip features the lovely Kitty Bytes! Follow her on Twitter here as she begins her journey into the lovely land of fetish porn: @MissKittyNF