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Orgasm Research, Inc: Patient 135 - Part 7 of 7 - 1080p MP4 - Patient 135 continue to achieve self induced orgasm with the Hitachi as Nurse Rose continues lightly wrapping her hands around 135's neck and stimulating her breasts, while Doctor Tampa continues working her G-Spot attempting to make the patient orgasm and squirt again! Finally Patient 135 can’t take anymore stimulation so the medical staff proceed to conduct her post stimulation examination. They take measurements of all her private parts to show how engorged they have become by the stimulation. The nurse takes rectal and vaginal temperatures while the doctor take 135’s oral temperature and continues massaging her breasts. Doctor Tampa continues massaging her breasts while the nurse uses a speculum and camera to inspect inside of 135’s vagina and cervix to ensure they didn’t do any damage in their research. Patient 135 is finally let off the exam table, thanked for her participation, and left to dress while the doctor leaves but the nurse stays behind to finish up the paperwork. Starring: Doctor Tampa Nurse Lilith Rose Patient 135 Runtime: 28 Minutes 45 Seconds This Clip Is 1080p HD, High Resolution 1920x1080 made for FULL screen viewing
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