Kitten Begs to Cum *and does

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kuundawg Jan 20
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Okay, confession time. I was never really into Pet Play. Not that I dislike it or think there's anything wrong with it, I just never got into it or experienced it first hand. Having said that, after this video, I might have to reconsider.

Cherrygurl420 is so adorably sexy as a little kitten. Her costume is spot on, from the little black and pink kitten ears with bells, little black kitty collar, matching sheer black bra and panties, sexy garter belt and stockings; and of course, the butt plug kitten tail that she playfully wags around to show you how happy she is to see her Master. There were parts in this video were I caught myself just grinning and audibly saying "awwww.." and chuckling. Yes, it was the part where she meows and does the kitty pounce. I don't want to make it seem like as if it's all cutsie cosplay though. Not at all. The eroticism is real and palpable.

The dynamic of cute, innocent, naive, little kitten; happy to see her Master and wanting to "play," is intoxicating. There is a kind of dichotomy at play here which adds to the eroticism. Her cute innocence and naivete juxtaposed against her wanton sexual desires and need to cum; is only matched by your own inner conflicting desire to protect and give her the pleasure she craves OR be the big bad wolf (dawg in my case) and take advantage of this little play thing and ravage her. Cherrygurl plays on this dynamic puuurfectly too, calling you "Master" and seeking your approval and permission for everything. Her deepest desire is to please you and win your approval. When she starts pleading with you to let her cum......I don't know. If your not already there by then, you might want to check into a morgue cause you might be dead.

The video is strewn with close ups of her using a glass dildo and pink hitachi to pleasure her own little kitty. Right at the end, there are extreme close-ups of the resulting creamy finish and a surprise un-tailing of the little minx of a kitten that you won't want to miss. This video just goes to show, even if you think you're not really into something, with the right girl, you just might change your mind.

Holy shitt thank you once again!!!!❤️

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Purrfect. Everyone NEEDS this vid.

Watch me tease you with my tail, kitty ears, and collar. I start by using my cute glass dildo and then when I get more horny I switch to my hitachi in doggy. Then I beg you, master, you let me cum and finally do with a creamy finish
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