dirty motel foot worship


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
7:09 min - Dec 31 - .MP4 - 479.52 MB - 1280x720 HD


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I decided I really want to humiliate you and test your slave training. I went to downtown LA to find the biggest dump of a motel. I"m wearing a tight, short blue dress and am barefoot on the balcony when you come over. I tell you how dirty and filthy this floor is and how I going to make you watch as I make them black. I laugh and humiliate you for getting turned on by my filthy feet. I walk my barefoot first outside, then I walk in to the crappy hotel room. I dig my toes into scuzzy carpet and enjoying watching your face as I tell you how your going to lick every inch of grime off of my pretty feet. I climb onto the bed and show off to you my wrinkled soles. You are so turned on by the sight of my feet as I show you how dirty they have become. I order you to suck and lick my feet clean. I roll over and my breast slips out of my dress further teasing you with the sight of my hot body. I spread my toes wide and it instantly makes you want to cum