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Sold For Science~Gabby Lopez~Part2of2MP4



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20:11 min - Jan 01 - .MP4 - 1.9 GB


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Sold For Science - Gabby Lopez - Part 2 of 2 - MP4 - Gabby looks on as the doctor prepares the instrument tray for her pelvic exam. He explains he is just going to look at her, not hurt her as he snaps on another pair of gloves and rinses off her vagina in preparation. Then the doctor uses Gabby as an instrument tray, setting the cold metal speculum on her stomach right in her line of sight as as he collect samples and swabs. Gabby begs and pleads in Spanish as the doctor inserts the speculum into her. He tells her this is why he jumped at the chance to acquire her, he doesn’t like when specimens beg and he can understand their cries for help. Instead, he has no idea what Gabby’s is saying! Doctor Tampa continues to collect samples inside of Gabby before administering a vaginal and rectal temperature. He rinses her off again before administering a shot in her butt. The doctor in finished with Gabby and just waiting for her to go off to dream land. She can’t understand, but he explains his plans for her and that she must be prepped and showered so he can put her onto the surgical table and preform his procedures and experiments. When the doctor pulls back the curtain revealing the other table, Gabby lets out a cry at the sight of whats to come! The doctor plays with his patient she drifts under, before calling for a few orderlies to take her to the shower facility so the doctor can personally see to it she is fit and clean enough for his liking. Doctor Tampa rudely splashes water on Gabby until she comes too, seeing him fully covered head to toe, in some kind of shower. The doctor proceeds to wash every nook and cranny on this helpless young hottie, before using a douche to clean her out in preparation for what is to come next... Starring: Doctor Tampa Gabby Lopez Runtime: 20 Minutes 11 Seconds This Clip Is 1080p HD, High Resolution 1920x1280 made for FULL screen viewing
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