Struggling Stuck in Plastic Garbage Bag

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A big plastic garbage bag is seen sitting upright. Suddenly there is movement and some sounds of panic. The voice that is heard is a woman's voice and it is easy to tell she is a damsel in distress. She is stuck in the big garbage bag and she can't seem to get out. She struggles with all her might and manages to pop a hand up out of the top of the bag through the part that is tied up, but she quickly pulls it back in after getting no place. She continues on with the struggling and her cries and pleas for help get louder and more frantic. She starts to kick her feet wildly and her feet imprints can be seen as they are stretching the plastic of the garbage bag. After a lot more pushing and struggling she finally is able to break her feet out of the plastic garbage bag. However, she is still stuck. After some more struggling it is clearly seen that she is naked. She finally is able to get herself out of her stuck situation. She then tries to figure out who put her in the garbage bag naked. It is revealed that she was actually a superhero and that her enemy put her in the bag after stripping her of her powers first, and then her clothes. She then starts to plot her vengeance. She is not sure where to finds her enemy, but she will find him and make him pay for getting her stuck in the huge plastic garbage bag. Included in this clip: Stuck, Struggling, Damsel in Distress, Naked, Big Tits, Blondes, Superhero, Fantasy, Fetish, Plastic Bag, Plastic, Stuck in Bag, Blondes