Urethral Sounding ft My Cute Girl Dick

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1,982 5.0
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portos42 Jan 24

That seems painful. But really interesting.

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Gosh, no messing around here, some of the best sounding I've ever seen. Pretty much non-stop, with lots of variety and growing intensity. Perfect! Please Kate make more videos like this! But I did think $30 was a little pricey for one vid, despite how good it is, I wouldn't be able to afford many future sounding videos at that price. Well maybe I'd still buy them, but I'd be annoyed ;D

You know those things you slide in and out of your dick hole? They're called sounds and I know they seem super scary, but they're actually totally rad. You've just gotta remember that lube is magic. Anyways, I got a whole bunch of steel and silicone sounds to play around with in this 36 minute long video