BJ Cuck's Shopping Spree


Jenna St James

American / Las Vegas
17:13 min - Jan 01 - .MP4 - 628.57 MB - 1280x720 HD


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I know you just spent tons of money on me and you can't really afford to be maxing out so many credit cards right now, but there's really something you should know... I realize you're completely infatuated with me, but you're totally in the friendzone. I wouldn't even really call it the friend zone, more like the cuck zone. You didn't honestly think I was spending all this time with you for anything but your spoils, did you? We've never even fooled around and that will never happen. I need a REAL man to please me. And I want you to watch me blow a real man, loser. See him cum on my pretty face- something you'll NEVER get to experience. You're my shopping toy and cuck boy... a walking wallet, desperate to see me please a cock, even if it's not yours. You'll take anything you can get because you KNOW how out of your league I am. You couldn't have possibly thought that I was your girlfriend just because I let you spoil me all the time. Didn't you realize that the only time we spend any time together is when you're taking me shopping? lol Don't get me wrong, I LOVE and adore your cash spoils, but to be honest, my real man is in the next room and I should really go say hi. Why don't you just sit tight for a bit, put some more cash on that debit card you'll inevitably give me and I'll be back after he releases all over my pretty mouth. No peeking. ;) I know you saw that and liked it. Now it's official, you're our cuck. You liked watching that, didn't you? Seeing me take his cum. I bet you want to kiss me now more than ever, don't you cucky? Go ahead then, suck on my tongue and taste his jizz. Or better yet, I'll just spit it in your face, loser. Take it like a good boy. You're a running joke around here and it's best for everybody you know your place. You're MY cuck now and you'll do whatever I say to see more of that, won't you? If at any point you refuse, you'll be sorry. Because I'm recording every single session. Some of which, you'll be sucking cock for me! ...And if you get out of line, ALL of my hot friends will see it and spread it around like wild fire. You don't want that, do you, loser