My Panties are Soaking Wet for You

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130 4.0
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Pntylvr Nov 1
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Great video. If it had sound it would easily have gotten 5 stars.

mecho11 - Top reviewer Jan 3 2018
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A true panty lovers delight!! Knottgirl looks terrific in polka-dot panties, socks, and glasses. A wonderful wardrobe accessorized with a friendly vibrator which is expertly applied to just the right place. Great panty views from both behind on her knees and frontal on her back (I prefer the front so you can view her lovely facial expressions of true pleasure). Her nipples are at attention the entire time and you will be too! Well done female pleasure from a girl who knows how to have a goooood time.

I just woke up and I'm so horny! I want to see how wet I can make my panties for you. Using my wand vibrator I soak my panties in my juices, remove them, and stuff them in my mouth! Yummy. I continue to masturbate as I suck on my wet panties and squirt a couple times for you. Enjoy
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