Fetish Friday

Zeus Michaels

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Hot, hung and horny Zeus Michaels is taking advantage of an empty examining room at the doctor’s office where he works. He locks the door and lays back on the examining bed; pulling down his pants. His thick, long cock is all ready for some attention. He pulls on it, stroking it slowly as it gets thicker and harder in his hand. Pulling off his shirt, Zeus gets off the bed and grabs a tube of lube sitting nearby. He squirts a healthy amount onto his cock and immediately gets back to pleasuring himself. Do you want some of that hot ass? Zeus is definitely ready to give it to you. He gets up on the examining bed face down with his legs spread, his asshole open and ready for some attention. Rolling over, Zeus continues jerking his cock while laying back on the bed. His smooth balls are tight and the head of his cock looks like it’s about to burst as he squirts a thick load of jizz all over his chest and stomach. He’s not about to let any of that sweet goodness go to waste as he scoops up his cum and licks it from his hand