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Orgasm Research, Inc: Patient 135 - Part 5 of 20 - 1080p MP4 - Doctor Tampa finishes her examination with measurements of her labias, clitoris, clitoral hood, and vagina. Upon completion of the examination Doctor Tampa and Nurse Rose begin to use 6 various stimulation devices on patient 135. Each device is made out of a different material in addition to being shaped differently, allowing the medical team to test the patients reaction to the various devices. They are inserted, rocked, twisted, and maneuvered in many different ways inside of patient 135. Starting with the first round of tests, they have 135 laying back on the exam table. Starring: Doctor Tampa Nurse Lilith Rose Patient 135 Runtime: 10 Minutes 9 Seconds This Clip Is 1080p HD, High Resolution 1920x1080 made for FULL screen viewing
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