Carmen Cabana Naked Food Messy



American / New York
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Carmen arrives wearing a croptop and miniskirt. Over panties it turns out. She poses for still as she pulls her shirt up and uncovers her tits. Nice natural Ds that flop around when the director demands se lean over and wiggle. Carmen poses on her hands and knees in the bathrub, still dressed, except that on her hands and knees in the bathtub every shoots her panties' crotch. She makes sure she knows how to make the water run warm. "I'm gonna need that later on I suspect," she says. Right she is. Carmen stands, sheds her top, tosses it away with style. She discards her miniskirt, she is a topless panty stripper par excellence, and in a flash winds her hands down to her panties and smooths hem off her hips, shaven slit, thighs, knees, and eventually feet. With a swing of the arm they too are tossed away and she turns to face us, full frontal now. She also has a tattoo on her right upper arm. She is mostly shaven, except for a tuft above her clit and an invese V below, but lips shaven enough so that Carmen can show her lines. Carmen knows why she is here today and it is not only to strip naked. She is here today to get messy. She gets to make the first selection: whipped cream. She decorates her nipples, belly, and butt. Next come chocolate syrup. Carmen is directed to end over and wiggle her coated ass for the camera...which also collects her shaven lines from the backside. It is also clear that the syrup has collected in Carmen's anus. After wiggling her ass for the camera Carmen stands up and apples a second coat of chocolate syrup. She finds a strawberry, bites it in half, and uses the other half to smear the syrup on her breasts and body. Out cam covers ever aspect of Carmen's body, from her smeared nipples and breasts to her dripping vagina (wet with her own drip as well as the chocolate