Roleplay 12 - Hubby's Boss Comes On To M

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This was a very fun sexy roleplay. It starts off with my hubby's boss coming over for a surprise visit to my home. This was totally unexpected and my hubby happens to be out getting milk. His boss says that's okay and that he actually came by to speak with me. Turns out that my hubby's business has slowly taken a turn for the worse and his boss is going to fire him. I am shocked and I start to panic. With Christmas just around the corner things are more than tight and I am starting to feel very desperate. You offer me a does entail me to be his personal assistant, with just one thing. Sex! Will I go for it? How desperate am I? Will you Cum4Jen? What you will experience in this clip: Roleplay, Husbands Boss, Ultimatum, Big Tits, All Natural, Titty Teasing, Dirty Talking, Dildo Fucking, MILF, Cam Model, Cam Girl, Amateur
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