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Brandon Iron

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283 4.0
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shooter5 - Top reviewer Feb 21
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Eve is great. Lots of fun, sexy, and tall. SHe can really suck cock too taking Iron pretty deep in her mouth. Iron rewards her with a bi sticky load that coats her upper lip and fills her mouth. SHe's a bit of a messy swallower but gets it all down with a smile and cleans up the rest well.

ALL ABOUT EVE I met Eve when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Tall glamazon teen with skyscraper legs. 5'11" 19 years old. Bought clear stripper high heels just for this shoot, her third in the industry. Originally from Boston, she recommends visits to Dunkin Donuts and Chinatown. Lost virginity on a school break to Rhode Island when she was 17. Other hobbies include singing, acting, doing art, and speaking a bit of Japanese. Eve is fluent in French, Spanish, and English. Played softball and danced (tap, jazz, lyrical, and ballet). Size 9 feet. Had a friend, Kacey Dean, who also sucked me off. I love when models refer their frisky friends! Other work experience includes stints as a hair stylist and receptionist. Travelled to the Bahamas, Bermuda, St. Lucia, St Martin, St Thomas, Canada and the Dominican Republic. Using money she earns in porn to invest and have fun. Not wearing a bra. Her face is her favourite part of herself. Lifts skirt up, turns around, and spreads her ass for me. Has tried anal but admits she needs practice. Poses naked in doggy for me. Fan of horror movies. Most of her boyfriends have been shorter than her. Spreads her toes before dropping to her knees to suck dick. Loving lip lock around my cock. Hungry mouth. "Aren't you so glad I'm a whore? Does my 19-year-old mouth feel good?" Deep throat. No hands head. Excellent eye contact. Mild face fucking. Big pops off the end of my dick. "I can't wait until you cum in my mouth. I love the taste of it!" Tongue flicks around the head. Eve has had guys cum in her ass, pussy, and on her tits and face. The best part, she says, is when she gets a load shot in her mouth. Ball licking leads to a big mouthful, which she swallows with ease before licking her fingers