Freebie Tuesday

Odd Insertion & Orgasm Control


Parker Smash

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I'm such a dirty little girl and my holes are so greedy. I always wants to be filled so Domina thought it was about time to fill me up with some odd things. I've had many toys inserted but She decided it was time to introduce something fun and different. She set out an array of items which got me excited just staring at them. She gave me a little warm up with Her fingers and what a naughty girl...I was already wet! She know how much I loves Her fingers deep inside me and I would’ve came if She kept going. First thing up: an electric toothbrush. It was fun having the head of it tease my clit, too bad the batteries had died! I loved how She fucked me with it, the bristles tickling my g spot. Next up was the end of a crop. But before filling my greedy little hole, She use it to smack my thighs and very sensitive clit. She knows that with each hit I get even wetter which makes the end of the crop slide in more easily. Aww such a little whore loves when She fucks me with it. I'm getting close to cumming but no...not yet. Something bigger needs to fill me up She says...the end of a cane! Oh how those twists felt so good inside my pussy. I want to cum but not yet. No...Her slut needs something bigger inside if I want to cum. She think I need to be stretched a little more. She has the perfect thing...a hollow tunnel plug. It spreads my tight hole for Her to be able to spit in. Just a little more lube for what’s about to come next. She loves how I beg Her to put something bigger inside of me so I can cum. Oh honey..She has just the thing for me! A cute little teddy bear bottle of honey ;) I want to take it for Her, but it’s just a little too big for me. But She knows what will work...a baby bottle for Her babygirl. Oh the shame I feel having that deep inside my pussy as I beg for Her to let me cum. I've been such a good whore for Her and all these odd insertions...She commands me...CUM! Do I want something bigger? Oh yes I even bigger hollow tunnel plug. It stretches me so good as She fucks me with it. Begging to cum again already? Please, Domina...does She let me