The Babysitter Freezes the School Girl


Parker Smash

9:52 min - Jan 04 - .MP4 - 305.39 MB


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It’s Tuesday afternoon...that means it’s babysitter day! She likes to be the cool babysitter so when I come down the stairs, she asks me if I've finished with my homework. She says that since I have, I can get a reward! So she offers me some of her beverage. She tells me it’s delicious! I sniff it cautiously but take a sip and then another. I really like it but I start to feel a little funny...I had no idea that she gave me her special wine. Now I'm frozen and can’t move. She can do whatever she wants to me. The magic powers of the wine have taken over. She tilts my head to the side, makes me slap my own face. It’s like I'm her own personal doll! It starts to wear off and she tells me that I just don’t know how adult beverages works and that I'm still young. She tells me that I don’t need to go lay down. Just to take a bigger sip this time. It gets better the more I do it she says. She's older so I listen to her. Oh no! Frozen again. She has so much fun and seems to love manipulating my body into doing things that she wants me to do. It’s wearing off again. Hi! She tells me that I'm fine and that if I really want to lay down, it would be okay