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51 5.0
3:07 min - Jan 05 - .MP4 - 102.90 MB - 1920x1080 HD
Ryumoau - Top reviewer Jan 25
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Thank you so much for another amazing video with your gorgeous bare feet.

Joy_Love Jan 25

You're welcome ;) Glad you liked it!

teddi579 Mar 25
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Fantastic "GFE" Pillow Talk in this gem from Joy. I know this is supposed to be a foot fetish vid too, but my favorite in is her lovely locks (hair ;)) as she's very flirty and you just wanna get lost in her drapes! Love it too cause she can't help but be a bit of a dork and its perfect girlfriend tease! Kinda thing you wanna come home to after a long day and "Surprise!" she's naked and ready for you in the bedroom! Always a crow(D) pleaser!

KenKink1 - Top reviewer Feb 1
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Sweet joy-love, sweet vid, sweet foots

Foot Fetish Tease