I'll Be Your Daughter

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Bettie Bondage

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1,591 5.0
16:50 min - Jan 12 - .MP4 - 1.30 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Mrsummers deleted Jan 15

I fucking love your acting and RP Bettie. I had to slow down even before you toyed your Beautiful pussy.Jesus!!!

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Bettie is one of the queens of taboo roleplay porn and this video is another point in her crown. Bettie paints a seriously taboo scene with her remarkable story telling ability, sexy costumes, and smoking hot body. With lines like "do you think your daughter will be your freak? Do you think she's throat that fucking cock..You know she wants it, why else would she dress like that", you'll be reaching for the cum rag in no time. If you like daddy-daughter roleplay and ageplay, do yourself a favor and buy this video!

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Bettie will get inside your private thoughts and sexual urges with this video! She has a way of bringing out your total manhood and quiet thoughts which only you really know....or does she know them too??!!

Your girlfriend tells you she has a surprise for you this Friday - you can't imagine what it could be! And when you get home from work, you certainly are surprised - to find your girlfriend, dressed in your daughter's skimpiest outfit! White knee socks, a cute little pink skirt, a tight, tight tanktop and no panties! Her hair is even in pigtails like your daughter sometimes wears. You're hard immediately. "See, I've noticed how much you stare at your daughter. How you like to watch her sunbathe. Remember that time I fucked you while she was in the yard, in just her bikini? Yeah, I know you were looking at her while you screwed me, cumming to your daughter...and it's ok. Today, we're going to get closer than ever to that dirty, perverted fantasy of yours...&quot