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vinonut Sep 9

Where is the cum shot?

As Many of you have seen This rising Adult Star Kasey Storm in other Taboo scenes. Follow this new Taboo series with Kasey Storm as "Mother Knows Best" The first scene of Under The Gunn studios newest series, I was picking up in my Sons room and doing a little looking around to see just what my son might be up to I uncovered his "girly magazines" that he had hidden..... which were from Mommy and Daddy's collection in there bedroom, I thought to herself "he has been taking long showers" and I began imagining him masturbating in the shower to these magazines and am starting to be turned on by my thoughts of my son stroking his young hard cock and cumming into his sexuality....Then it hits me, maybe I should take him on my next business trip for some overdue "Mother/Son" time!After much consideration as to what approach I wanted to take to explain him joining me, I put my plan into action! I've caught him peeking into my room out of the corner of my eye lately as I was dressing, so this is going to be some serious "bonding" time for us. With his Father away lately on his own Business Trips, I can definitely use the attention! We arrive at the hotel and my son, being a curious boy, he immediately wants to explore his surroundings so off he goes. I have a business meeting so it will keep him occupied until I can return. When I get back he is still out, so i decide to "freshen up". I hear him enter the room while I am in the bathroom preparing for my "evening" with my son. I have the door SLIGHTLY open since I know he will want a little 'Peek" at Mommy's huge boobs......of course I'm right. I DO know my son!! I tell him I will be right out and finish "Lotioning Up" my breasts. As I enter the room, I see him laying on the bed and sit down next to him. "Honey, about this trip"....... Mommy found your magazines the other day while I was cleaning your room......it's ok......I know your at "That Age". You've been dating for a while now, but Mommy doesn't think your really getting the proper satisfaction from those little girls. He looks at me a little puzzled, then I enlighten him on the seriousness of "Blue Balls"....after all, I DO want grand someday! How about "Mommy" shows you the PROPER technique for self stimulation and complete release! The satisfaction from doing this PROPERLY can be extremely beneficial later on. This could take a few attempts for you to get it right, but "What are Mommies for"? Grooming our sons is what we DO BEST!! After some gentle caressing, I had to remove your pants to get a better "feel" for the situation. Mmmmmmmmm Mommy's boy's cock has gotten so big since I last saw it. You definitely need some Mommy attention. What's going to happen next will help you realize just how much you need to learn from Mommy. Are you ready sweetheart? Let me show you why "Mommy Knows Best&quot