Popular Girl Fucks & Humiliates You POV

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Jessica Starling

Maltese / Ontario, Canada
2,844 5.0
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KeiiRoyal27 - Top reviewer Jan 10
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I really hate humiliation or being humiliated in general, but she made me love this video more than any domination or humiliation videos around here.
This worth every penny, if you never felt a great feeling of being humiliated. This video is one hell of an experience to you, I recommend getting it!

You come home from school one day to find the most popular -- and the meanest -- girl in school waiting for you in your room. She tells you she thought it'd be fun to torment you in your own home. Even though you hate her for bullying you, you still find her increadibly sexy. Having her alone in your room, threatening to torment you, is giving you a confusing boner. This is no surprise to her. I mean, everyone wants to fuck her, after all. And she is WAY out of your league, as she lets you know. She tells you she has an idea, and to your surprise, she starts rubbing your hard cock. She teases you about how hard you are already, how much you're going crazy over a clothed girl giving you a handjob. She accuses you of being a virgin. She's correct. This is the most any girl has ever touched you. She loves it, calling you a virgin loser. You cum about three minutes into the handjob, shooting it all over her shirt. She laughs and calls you pathetic. She can't believe how fast you came -- but she's not done with you yet. She strips naked and starts rubbing your aching cock again, and again, you cum disappointingly fast. Laughing, she wonders how fast she could make your pathetic cock cum if she were to fuck you. Before you know it, she has you on your back on your bed, mounting your cock, teasing you, telling you she knows you won't last long inside her. You cum again, right after putting your cock inside her. The feeling of her warm pussy around you was too much for you to handle. She throws her head back in laughter. You really are pathetic. She gets you hard again, determined to tease you as much as possible for cumming so fast. You cum again and again, filling her pussy up with your hot cum as she makes fun of you. The final time she rides you, she tells you your cock is hers now. It belongs to her, and you're not allowed to cum again until she does. She bounces on your cock, her big tits swaying in rhythm, until she orgasms on top of you. You're allowed to cum inside her again, and fill her up with your huge load. She shows you how much you've cum inside her up close, and tells you she can't wait to tell everyone how much of a loser you are. | Tags: long hair, ponytails, brunette, big tits, big boobs, natural tits, roleplay, role play, female domination, humiliation, verbal humiliation, handjobs, cumshots, squirting dildos, POV, riding, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, creampie, cream pie, virgin humiliation