Be Careful What You Wish For-MP4-1080p

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926 5.0
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You do amazing work, and your videos are amazing, beautiful.

Custom Vid- Names used Ron, Jane, Matt, and David..You are married to Jane for 17 years and have a son, David, with her. She asks you one night after sex what you ultimate fantasy is. You are hesitant to tell her but eventually tell her what happened to you as a young man when you caught your hot mom with one of your school buddies. That was really your first experience with a sexual situation and actually made you now as an adult, you have these feelings of older women with young t33ns. Just the though of it makes your cock grow! She asked if you ever think of her as the older woman while fucking ....and you admit that sometimes you do....One day you left work early, came home and could hear noises and moaning coming from the approach slowly....unsure who it was, and peek through the door's your wife Jane getting fucked hard by some very young guy!!!! He was behind her slamming her tight pussy with his huge cock!!!!!!!!!She started moaning more and more and telling him to fuck her harder and harder!!! Then you heard her yell his name....Matt!!! And suddenly, you turn around and leave the house so she wouldn't hear or see you. Later that night, while she was cooking dinner, you went to bed early....Jane came in the bedroom to ask what was wrong...and you confronted her about Matt!!! Her face dropped , turned white and she asked how you knew. You told her you saw it all and demanded to know how long it has been going on for! She then told you the whole story....Matt is someone she met in the gym and really took interest in her. She dated him and then it turned into daily fucking. She needed it...his t33n cock was massive...she loved getting fucked by him...she was addicted! She told you that it was ended after Matt started demanding too much. It turns out Matt is David's bully!! She didn't mind fucking Matt, even knowing he is David's bully, but once Matt started threatening if she wouldn't fuck him in front of David while he is sl33ping, then he is going to tell David everything! So Jane ended it with Matt...until today! You then ask Jane why today??? She replied to him, "You fucking made it happen with me knowing your ultimate fantasy of an older woman with a t33nage guy"!!!!! Ron's mouth dropped....She apologized but she knew Ron really didn't fact, she knew he liked it because he didn't stop she came up with a whole plan that would make everyone have a great time! She then told her grand idea that would make everyone get their fantasy fulfilled!!! This video has an amazing plot twist to the ending......Something that you won't expect!!!!!! I won't tell what happens but it is a great storyline!!! VERY Creative