Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
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PETITE STRIPPER JESSIE SUCKS + SWALLOWS I met jubilant Jessie when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Tramp stamp tattoo of a broken heart, commemorating a "psycho case" ex-boyfriend. Guess she showed him! 5'3" 115lbs. Tight top. Tight shorts. Born in Montreal but raised in South Florida. Got into porn through a girlfriend. Fun plus money = something she wanted to try. Hopes to buy a house someday. 21 years old. Beat up a roommate's boyfriend, resulting in a battery conviction. I have her kiss her badass biceps. Enjoys going to the beach and stripping at Tootsie's in Miami. Perfect 34C fake tits. Has a friendship tattoo on her left foot. Her mother has a matching one. It's the flower from Pink Floyd's The Wall. Strappy, toe-revealing sandals on her size 6 feet. Camel toe cleavage in her short shorts. Past jobs include stints at Hooters and T.G.I.Friday's. Sheer panties. Playboy tattoo near her crotch, a gift to herself when she turned 18. When she was 16, Jessie went on a cruise with her mother. She met a 26-year-old couple and the woman had been in Playboy. Jessie went back to their room and fucked but didn't tell her mother. Lost virginity at 14. Has travelled to many islands in the south Florida vicinity. Doggystyle is her favourite position. I take a peak her her pussy and asshole. Jessie has a "special guy" with whom she practices anal. I slide her shoes off and check out her bare feet. I invite Jessie to her knees and she goes instant deep throat on my dick. Great eye contact. "I love your cock in my mouth!" Tongue bath to my shaft. Tongue flicks to my dick. Perfect precision rhythm with her mouth hole. Mild face fucking. She giggles when she can't go deep, furrowing her brow when she gets her throat poked. Ball licking. "Can't wait until I swallow that big fat load!" I ask her what she's thinking about. She replies, "I was thinking about how good your balls taste." More cock worship. More oral devotion. Soft-soled seduction with her bare feet. I fuck her feet and grow an extra quarter inch when she promises to swallow the load. I huff her sweaty toes and jack my joystick until Feeding Time. Nut busted, she eats my sticky icky with an awkward smile. Jessie says she can often be found at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, Florida, surrounded by rock hard suitors