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Beautiful Agony Surprise... Seeing all these black handsome men reminds me of how long it has been. I'm very pent up. You can't do anything about it. Not even your tongue. How could something that fit in this tiny chastity cage even do anything for me? It's so tiny even compared to this BBC dildo. HAHAHA! Look it doesn't even fit over the tip of this massive thing. Mmm... I love teasing you...licking it and spitting on this BBC while touching myself. Gets me so wet I decide to play with a vibrator while I tease it and you. Bringing myself to the verge of orgasming a couple times it's still not enough. I miss the feeling of being stretched out by a big dick Just can't help but fwant to fuck it. Sliding the dildo underneath me i work just the first few inches and it's already stretching my tight pussy. You'd never make me feel like that. Feels so fucking good. Can't wait to get some good dick again. Working its whole girth 9" inside of me while riding it you can just drool over my bouncing boobs and watch me cum
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