Ariana Marie asian schoolgirl for Daddy

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Ariana Marie

American / Las Vegas, NV
12,190 4.7
12:30 min - Jan 08 - .MP4 - 475.15 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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I love this video, but only the sound will download.

I bought this but when I try to download it I only get the sound, no video.  I tried many times.

Alexo30 Oct 9

Love it

DenimInseams Jan 8 2018

So beautiful

Ariana Marie Jan 11 2018

Thank you babe😘

Ariana Marie Jan 11 2018

Thank you babe

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I love this video. But only the sound will download. The video will not play other than the sound.

Restiger Jan 13
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Wow a stunning daddy's girl video with a sweet and sensual Ariana Marie, a must have. ^_^

Pucsi01 Aug 30
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I really enjoyed this video :) The uniform is absolute perfect and fit well on you. :) The dirty talking in the begining was exciting, a decent blowjob but the end part is which made this video perfect! ;-) The cum on your pretty face, just s really awesome. I would watch it more :P playing with it or masturbating while your pretty face covered and looking into the camera. :) Perfectly natural body, pretty face, gorgeous eyes, do we need more? ;-) 10*/10

omzig123 - Top reviewer Jan 23 2018
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MMMMM great video from the beautiful Ariana. Amazing naughty Daddy blowjob talk with a messy messy ending all over that gorgeous face. Awesome eye contact too ! A much for any good bj video :)
Seriously the most beautiful adult performer there is. Thank you for making Daddy cum all over your pretty face

lusting33 Jan 13 2018
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Ariana's daddy videos are strait fire! Hot! Hot! Hot! Makes me wanna get a custom! Keep doin what you do! Ariana is out of this world pretty too!

Ariana Marie Jan 11 2018

Thank you Mrjohnwick :)

Daddy I know how much you love it when I get all dolled up and put my asian schoolgirl outfit on for you, I can see how excited you get. Do I look pretty Daddy? I am not wearing panties Daddy just like you told me, may I please have your cum for being such a good girl? Daddy I want to be a good girl and make you cum with my little mouth. Please Daddy I have been so good....please give me some of your precious cum Daddy.... your so good to me Daddy