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Freebie Tuesday

Spycam on the Sitter


Tammie Madison

American / UK
5:18 min - Jan 12 - .MP4 - 235.19 MB


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This was made as a custom video.* The story takes place after 'Naked Babysitter'. The parents never found out about the events that occurred. One month later, the family is going on a trip and have asked Tammie to house-sit while they are away. What she doesn't know is that the boy that previously saw her naked has now installed hidden cameras in the house. The cameras catch a glimpse of Tammie saying goodbye to the family, peeing in the toilet, and brushing her teeth naked before putting on her pajamas. Clip contains: voyeur cameras set up to spy on Tammie - seeing Tammie and hearing her pee into the toilet - spycam with a low down point of view- naked