Hair Fetish / A guided tour of my body

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1,135 5.0
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BaconBoyBobby - Top reviewer Oct 6
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Incredible hairy body tour. And magiczoeb is so pretty. I'm super pleased with my purchase!

DAVEY25 - Top reviewer Oct 19
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Such an wonderful, sensual, intimate vid starring one extremely sexy woman!

metallicsplinter - Top reviewer Jul 6
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Beautiful natural body. Very in depth tour with nice closeups.

tigerspider - Top reviewer Jan 15
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Wonderful showcase of Zoe’s sexy hairiness and beautiful body. TBH, I’m not a fan of the leg hair, but goddamn do I find her furry bush, asshole and armpits hot as fuck.

user123abc - Top reviewer Jan 13
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Beautiful bush and pussy lips... wish it showed her bush up close for longer... but is it truly amazing... thick, dark, beautiful...i can't wait for more!!!!

My body is all natural. Actually, I don't even have a razor. I have hair everywhere you can think of ;) Let me show you! In this video, I take you on a guided your of my body. I start with my armpits, my arms and then move down to my bush, my legs and finally, my butthole! Enjoy the tour! Zoe xx