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Brandon Iron

Canadian / Bonerville
383 5.0
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shooter5 - Top reviewer Jan 14 2018
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Really nice scene with Laila Mason. Fun girl and the usual great Iron interview as we find out more about her. Nice ass and cock sucking skills. Always great to see Iron instructing the girls how to suck his big cock. Some foot stroke stuff, but I knew when she was bend over with her ass in his face Iron would have to fuck her, and he does. He gives her nice pussy a little pounding in doggy before its time to unload. She wants all the cum and Iron tells her to open as he dumps in a large wad of jizz she happily swallows down. Nice girl.

Brandon Iron Jan 14 2018

Wow!  Cool, shooter5!  Glad you enjoyed Laila's vid!  :)

FORMER MOUSEKETEER SUCKS FUCKS SWALLOWS I met lovely Laila when she came over to my place for a cocksucking casting. Tight blue dress, no underwear. 20 years old. Long, wavy reddish-blonde hair. Self-proclaimed sex addict from Arizona. One month into her porn career. Former professional dance instructor (tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical). I do a very bad beat box and have her perform an interpretive dance to it. Has one brother but he doesn't know what she's doing. Got into porn after responding to an ad for nude models. Laila had started work at a dance studio but wouldn't get her first check for 3 weeks. She needed money NOW. The director of her first scene chose the name Laila and Mason is her real middle name. She had never been with more than 2 guys at one time but Laila swallowed 6 loads for me for a different video. The cumshots are shown. Laila was overwhelmed with several throat-clogging loads. It was the most sperm she's ever swallowed. Her favourite part of herself is her ass. Dancing has toned it to a firm bubble. She stretches her cheek and models her pussy and asshole. Anal virgin but enjoys being rimmed. Laila sits on my face and I do some fine dining. Other work experience includes being a general manager for a donut and ice cream store for 2 years. Worked as a Mouseketeer at a well-known Florida theme park for 6 months where she performed in musicals. Triple threat singer/dancer/actor. Was arrested for weed when she was younger. Spent 45 minutes in a holding cell before being released. I invite her to her knees for some fine cock worship. Locked-on eye contact. Knob-bobbing and ball licking. Shallow mouth so no deep throat. She makes sweet popping noises off the head of my cock. "You going to cum in my mouth? You going to load my mouth? I want that cum all in here! I'm going to swallow every last drop!" Foot job with her pink pedicured toes. She tells me she'll do whatever I want. I ask her to turn over and she presents in doggy, tickling my balls with her toes. I enjoy the view and touch her pink rosebud. Service is upgraded and I mount after squeezing and kneading her cheeks. I mount and thrust, ready to bust. Divine doggystyle. "I'm going to eat your cum!" she yells, much to the delight of my neighbours, moments before she spins and receives the white gold on her tongue. A huge white stripe divides her tongue into two parts. She swallows everything without blinking her eyes and thanks me. I repeat, SHE thanks ME! Her last words echo in my ears, "Entertainment is my life!" And may it always be so, Laila