Leather JOI Turns Into Masturbation

59 5.0

Katy Churchill

Canadian / Vancouver BC
59 5.0
10:06 min - Jan 30 - .MP4 - 285.81 MB


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mecho11 - Top reviewer Feb 7
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Skip the JOI and go straight to her busy fingers which she uses so expertly on her lovely hairy mound. Katy masturbates with gusto and ORGASMS with earnest intensity.
Well framed full body/face orgasmic action. Well done.

Domme Katy pulls on her leather gloves while wearing a black leather coat and begins to give you jerk off instructions using a dildo as an example. As she gets deeper into her demonstration it becomes clear that all that leather against her soft pale skin is getting her very aroused. Finally she gives up on the masturbation instructions and starts caressing her horny body with the soft supple leather. Her gloved hands rub her hairy pussy until she cums on that sexy leather