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Lana Rain

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Tigger Rosey Jan 23 2018

Lana is queen 🖤

reptar95 Jan 14 2018

Love the closeups of your feet, insta buy ^.^

MistressGeisha Jan 12 2018


Doguemastiff Jan 12 2018

I was waiting for this <3

Lovecraft45 Jan 13 2018
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One of my favorite videos. I love cosplays Lana but to be honest I love this beautiful little pussy that makes me always super hot. And there have been served. I can not attend to all its cam because of the time lag but I do recall I have not seen such beautiful shots of delicious pussy Lana.
One more reason to follow her as long as she shares with us her cosplays, her beauty and her intense orgasms.
I totally found myself in several comments written in the scenario.

love this and love you

Assholathotekkkh Jan 17 2018
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So, this is what inevitable evolution looks like when it comes to a Lana Rain video, and it shows. Not only that, but the chatroom banter in this video is some of the funniest yet dead accurate things I've seen so far, I have to give credit where it's due to the ones who wrote the dialogue. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year and beyond.

Doguemastiff - Top reviewer Jan 12 2018
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I need to put this review in the right words. there is a lot to talk about.

First on Lana performance herself. Holy crap. Extremely sexy. Seeing ehr pussy spread and ass like hot damn it was hot. As Eromanga-sensei. i have never seen the anime/manga myself so i can't say much about the character except her story. But her thoughts really fits as a hentai vid.

Next the setting. I do love how this is representing what camming is like for the model and the viewers. Lanas though match her perfectly whenever she is on cam and masturbating. I was looking at the chat on the right and though to myself; "Yes. I see this in any cam room mostly Lanas room. and the names fit pretty much what people say in said rooms" Lana got me to a T. i swore my loyalty to her and promised to stay with her. So me saying" Second only to Lanarain fits me perfectly. She even nailed what her other regulars would say showing that she pays attention to us as her regulars. That part I love a lot.

In conclusion. Not only is this vidoe hot, but is also defines the camming community in general. Lana as a model knows what eh camming community is like so making a vidoe out of it is perfect. This is an amazing start of the New Year so i look forward to what Lana comes up with next.

Gold A-Tier][Plot][Role Play][FullHD][60FPS] It seems drawing lewd pictures has gotten Izumi Sagiri, also known by the manga artist alias, Eromanga-sensei, all hot and bothered so she prepares a live stream for her fans that they'll never forget. ||||||||||||||| Holy crap! This took forever to edit and put together! I really hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together. This now marks as the video in my library that has the most text dialogue of any! After you're done fapping, I recommend watching the vid again and paying close attention to some of the references in the chat. There's a lot of cameos where I include what I believe to be good examples of how some of my specific regulars/fans would comment or behave like, and some satirical references of recent events in the cam world